Michael is currently showing work at Vincente Rafael Gallery. 7000 Blvd. East, Guttenberg, NJ 07093.


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Michael Alan-Bio

Michael Alan was born in the town of Muskegon, Michigan in 1978. Creativity was
inherent from the beginning. During a childhood which revolved around athletics, he
could often be found drawing, painting, or writing. He later developed a proficiency
in working with woods and metals, including welding. Film based photography was
explored briefly, but the camera would have to wait a bit longer, as a new adventure
was beginning as he neared the twilight of his teenage years. After studying drum
set, MIDI, and music theory, Michael attended Berklee College of Music in Boston,
Massachusetts in 1998 and 1999. He soon grew restless within the realm of academia
and pursued musical endeavors in Chicago and then ultimately, New York City. Then,
one day several years ago, Michael received an unexpected gift from his mother…..

It started as dabbling within a medium, as it quite often does, but as photographing
pulled him deeper into the streets and subways, he began to find his personal vision.
Michael’s work has taken place almost entirely in New York City. From simple lines,
shadows, and textures to architectural landmarks, he photographs unconventionally,
employing an array of photographic modalities. Long exposures, experimental lenses,
and an armada of learned street photography “tricks” have all been instrumental in
bringing his vision to fruition.

Michael’s creative interest lies in creating for the pure joy and love of doing so, and
to bring joy to anyone who enjoys art as much as he does. His most personal work
is focused on capturing not only a pattern, line or integration of the two, but also on
seeking out those intimate moments most of us would overlook which, as a collective,
expose the many colors and emotions that the human spirit and will to live are
comprised of.